Hi there! 


Who are we?

Welcome to our site! We are J & Y, a married couple based in Singapore. 🙂 We enjoy travelling (particularly hiking to the ends of the earth) and exploring new places to experience different cultures, food and people. We are in love with nature and the beautiful sights the world has to offer, and are constantly on the lookout for our next adventure together!

Currently, we hold full-time jobs (how else would we fund our wanderlust!?) We spend the rest of our time daydreaming about our next adventure.

Why did we start this website?

This site is a chronicle of our adventures around the world and in our home country. The World is Our Wanderland, and we hope to share our experiences and memories with you! All our photographs are unedited and unfiltered – we bring you our experiences just the way we see them. You can get in touch with us by clicking on the ‘Contact‘ tab.

We also have another site where we blog about random daily stuff: http://thesingaporeanwife.wordpress.com

Who else writes on this blog?

Occasionally, when we find that our friends have great adventures to share, we invite them to guest blog on our site. You will be able to find a link to their public profile at the end of each guest blog post.

If you’d like to be featured on our blog, drop us a line at: threewanderingbears@gmail.com

Enjoy! 🙂