Patagonia Day 4: Laguna Esmeralda

As we slowly eased into life in Patagonia, it was time for our first (light) hike! We started the day bright and early, all set for our trek to Laguna Esmeralda. But first, let us share the wonderful morning view that greeted us on our 4th day here! 🙂


Watch the sun’s golden rays peek through the clouds, as they gently greet this sleepy town good morning!


Waking up to such beautiful scenery actually caused us to enjoy waking up early. Haha. We packed some sandwiches just in case we got hungry (a very smart move – wish we’d packed more!). They were simple salami and feta cheese sandwiches, which we made using the ingredients we bought from the supermart. 🙂


And off we were for our trek! We had booked two spots on a bus to the lagoon the day before, so we headed to the car park next to the city’s main gas station. The ticket cost us 300 pesos per pax for a return trip.

Anyway, a brief introduction of Laguna Esmeralda – as its name suggests, Laguna Esmeralda is a lake that is located just northeast of Ushuaia. It is surrounded by glaciers in the backdrop, and can be accessed via a 4h return trek. Here’s a sneak peak of the lagoon:

image1 (3)

We started the 4.8km trek and were rewarded with lots of beautiful sights along the way. We first found ourselves passing through peat bogs and beaver dams, which was quite an experience! The beginning of the trail was surprisingly easy too.


The beaver dams were literally everywhere at the beginning of the trail. We were quite overwhelmed by the sight.

Soon, we reached Vista Panoramica, which is a spot along the trail where you can catch a panoramic view of four peaks – Bonete, Cordon Toribio, Alvear and Cerro Castor, as well as catch a glimpse of Glaciar del Albino, where Laguna Esmeralda is nestled under.

image4 (3).JPG

image7 (2)

Don’t be fooled by the sun – when the wind blows, it gets really chilly.

We also walked past a refreshing mountain stream that was really beautiful and breathtaking.


Almost there!

After a leisurely 2 hour trek (with a bit of climbing), we finally reached our destination – Laguna Esmeralda!

image1 (2).JPG

image4 (2)

The lagoon was very calm, and thanks to the sunny weather, it was a beautiful shimmering turquoise. It was absolutely mesmerising, and we found ourselves sitting by the lagoon and reveling in the serenity that characterised the beautiful scenery before us.

paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png

(we loved it!)

The trek was a relatively easy one, and would be suitable even if you are a beginning hiker. However, we do recommend the use of hiking poles for added stability, especially when traversing the peat bogs.

On our way down, we stopped by Valle de Lobos, which is well known for its husky sled races in winter. However, since there wasn’t any snow ‘cos it was summer, all we saw were huskies lazing around and frolicking with each other! They were so adorable.

image6 (2)

When we arrived back at Ushuaia after a 30 minute bus ride, we were famished. We chanced upon Chocolateria Casa de te at San Martin, and just had to go in. (How to resist chocolate!?)

image1 (4)

They had a promotional set of a chocolate caliente (hot chocolate) and alfajor evejitas (Argentinian chocolate dessert) at 60 pesos, which we treated ourselves to. No regrets 🙂 In fact, the food was so yummy that we ended up ordering an Apple Pie, which cost us an additional 90 pesos. It was SO yummy!

paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png 

Chocolateria Casa de te
Address: V9410BFA, Av. San Martín 87, V9410BFA
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

The cafe sells chocolates and sweets too, so it’s worth a visit if you’d like to pack some Ushuaian chocolates home 🙂

By then, it was close to 6pm, and we were feeling quite tired from the long day we had. So we headed to the local souvenir shop for some shopping, and took photos with cute mascots along the way 🙂

All too soon, our time at Ushuaia had come to an end. While we did not get to visit every single attraction here, it was time to head to Chile for our W trek. Still, we left with very fond memories of the place all thanks to Ushuaian kindness and hospitality.

Here are a list of activities that can be done in Ushuaia, which we sadly didn’t get the chance to try:

  1. Visit the National Park at Tierra del Fuego
  2. Helitours Ushuaia – take a helicopter ride to the top of the Andes Mountains
  3. Hike up Glacier Martial
  4. Take the End-of-the-world train
  5. Board a cruise to Antarctica
  6. Visit the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse
  7. Visit the other museums (Museo Maritimo y del Presideo, End of the World Museum)

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