Patagonia Day 3: Aeroclub Ushuaia, Paseo de los Artesanos, Museo Tematica Historia & Falklands War Memorial

*Our Patagonia trip was from 28 November to 19 December 2016.

Still lost in our newfound Utopia, we spent our third day wandering about the Ushuaian city centre. Here’s a sneak peek of the mountains surrounding the city! Beautiful, no?


Before starting our adventure for the day, though, we headed to Tolkeyen to buy our bus tickets to Puerto Natales (where we would start out on the legendary ‘W Trek’ later). There is no direct bus from Ushuaia to Puerto Natales, so if you are intending to explore Ushuaia first before you embark on the trek, be sure to get your tickets to Punta Arenas (Chile), and then take a connecting bus to Puerto Natales. You can get all the tickets from Tolkeyen.

Address: Gral. Juan Manuel Rosas 160, 9410 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

We had a close shave ‘cos there were only two tickets left for our intended departure date! Also, they don’t accept online bookings so we were taking a big gamble here (plus their website is written in Spanish, so it is really difficult to navigate). We’d passed by Tolkeyen a couple of times but they were always closed. Thank God we managed to get our connecting buses just in time 🙂

Anyway, the weather was getting better so we decided to go on an Aeroclub flight! It cost us 160 per pax for 30 minutes, but we got a slightly longer flight time thanks to our kind pilot. The entire duration of the flight (including the briefing, preparation etc) took us slightly over an hour.

Introducing… Aeroclub Ushuaia!




The day started out a tad cloudy but the skies soon cleared to reveal very lovely weather! Our pilot was very skillful and navigated the plane with great ease. He also gave us a commentary on the geography of Argentina and Chile. We could see the clear waters of the Beagle Channel, lighthouse, and across the channel to Chile, as well as Puerto Williams.

image1 (2)


Co-pilot looking eager! 😀

From an aerial perspective, everything looked so different! We also noticed that the mountains on the Argentine side looked someone more spectacular and ‘drastic’ (for the lack of a better word) as compared to their Chilean counterparts.

image2 (2)


image3 (2)

A down side, though, was that because the aircraft was small (it can carry a maximum of only 4 pax), we experienced a little motion sickness on the flight. So be warned and pop some motion sickness pills before the flight if you can! 🙂

And… here’s a wefie of us with our plane and pilot!

image3 (4)

Upon completion of the flight, you’ll be awarded with a very cute certificate of completion as well!

paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png 

Aeroclub Ushuaia
Address: Luis Pedro Fique 151
Ushuaia (9410) – Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Contact: 54 -2901-421717 / +54 -2901-421892

After our flight, we took a leisurely stroll back to the city centre (yes, Ushuaia is very walkable!). At that point, a commercial cruise had docked at the port, so the city was much livelier than usual. There is also a famous sunken ship at the dock known as St Christopher’s tug boat, which was chartered to assist in rescue operations in the treacherous Beagle Channel. Unfortunately, the boat was beached and later abandoned, and it is now a perpetual backdrop against the port of Ushuaia.


image1 (4)

Near the port, there was also an artisan’s market where local craftsmen gathered to sell their hand-made goods. The place is called Paseo de los Artesanos, and you can spot it easily by its colourful facade. There is also music blasting in the background, so it is really unmissable. Inside the market, we managed to find shops selling knitted wear, jewellery and accessories, as well as woodcraft. It is definitely worth a visit!

image4 (2)

image5 (2)

We then headed to our favourite find of the day – Lomitos Martinica – a local deli selling very local food. It is a totally laid back, no frills haunt packed with the locals. Nobody speaks English, and the chef cooked right in front of us so our food was served piping hot! Yum!

image1 (3)

image2 (3)

And… here comes our food! We had the Sandwich Supreme which was oh-so-heavenly. It contained a succulent piece of chicken cutlet with lots of other fresh ingredients and sauces, as well as Niquois, a gnocchi-like pasta with Ushuaian bolognese sauce. This one was a tad too soft for our liking, but still relatively enjoyable nonetheless. 🙂

image3 (3)

image4 (3)

paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png 

Lomitos Martinica
Address: Avenida Gral San Martin 68,
Ushuaia V9410BFN, Argentina
Contact: 43 2134

With very full tummies, we then proceeded to Museo Tematica Historia – a museum showcasing Ushuaia’s early settlers and the local community, such as the Yamana and Shek’lam Tribes. It was a small but informative selection of scenic dioramas that we had to walk through with a portable audio guide. You can even get into some of the ‘scenes’ to take a picture!

image5 (3)

image6 (2)

We learnt quite a fair bit from this small but info-packed gallery, and we’d definitely recommend a visit. It cost us 180 pesos per pax (about SGD 18) and we spent about 3 hours there.

paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png 

Museo Tematica Historia
Address: V9410BFO, Av. San Martín 152, V9410BFO
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Contact: +54 2901 43-6353


The museum was situated next to a souvenir shop, which we took some time to explore. At the back of the souvenir shop, there was a pretty little garden, Jardin de Historia, which we were given access to, so we took the liberty to snap some photos there :p


Finally, we proceeded to our last stop for the day – the Falkland War Memorial – that was located at the pier. The memorial is housed in an open air square, with panels of photographs of the war arranged in a radial pattern.


Afternote: Today was also one of the days when we were amazed by Ushuaian kindness and hospitality. At the supermarket, a lady led us to an empty counter when she knew we didn’t understand Spanish. Along the streets, a man saw us trying to flag a taxi in vain, and showed us to the nearest taxi stand. These little acts of kindness really made Ushuaia such a lovely place to be in 🙂

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