Labun Island Resort, Batam

Fancy a rustic weekend at a no-frills kelong, without compromising basic comfort? We highly recommend Labun Island Resort on Batam Island, Indonesia, just a 60 minute ferry ride from Singapore.


We took the 9am ferry from Harbourfront Centre to Batam Centre, and were greeted by our driver. We had made prior arrangements with the lady boss of Labun Island Resort via email and WhatsApp, and she made all the necessary transport arrangements for us. It was that easy!

The car ride from Batam Centre to the main jetty took us another 45 minutes. We stopped by at Indomart to stock up on some snacks in the meantime, as we were told that the resort itself provided free-flow drinks but not the kind of snacks we wanted (i.e. chips, biscuits, chocolate etc) The snacks in Batam are SO affordable! A big packet of potato chips, for instance, cost us merely about SGD 0.80. Needless to say, we went crazy buying bags of chips. I also landed my hands on the irresistible Tim Tams, which cost us only SGD1.50. (OMG!)

After stuffing our bags with chips and more chips, we continued our car ride to the main jetty, where our boat was waiting to transport us to the kelong! It was such a sunny and lovely day, and we had the boat all to ourselves. The boat ride took about 20 minutes.




We were already in love. Haha.

Upon arrival at the kelong, we had to climb up a steep wooden ladder to get to the main restaurant, which was built on stilts. That was a tad tough, but once that part was over, the rest of the stay was pretty much a breeze, in every sense of the word 🙂

We were soon shown to our very own abode, a private room complete with basic en-suite facilities.



Clean and basic amenities, plus a little bit of luxury… they have an air-con that can be turned on at certain times of the day, plus a television that does not work (yet). 

We took some time to settle in and explore the place, and all too soon, it started to pour! We rushed to the main restaurant a couple of metres away from our room. Loved the atmosphere and the friendly people!


This restaurant is actually the main dining area, where breakfast, lunch and dinner were served. The owner practically cooked up a storm for us – extremely satisfying home-cooked meals 🙂



And we were constantly visited by our new found friend, a mongrel who lives on the island! She was so well-behaved and friendly!

So… how did we spend our 3 days there?


Fishing into the sunset – and eating our catch (there was pomfret, garoupa etc. Someone even caught a sea snake – eww!) 


Reading and indulging in quality conversations and kopi


Snorkelling – the waters here are pristine, and we got to see a variety of coral reefs and schools of pretty fishes! 


Kayaking to the other islands nearby


Catching the sunset 🙂


… and crabs 🙂


Exploring the island together


And of course, eating. Lots and lots of seafood. 

When the skies turned dark, we were amazed to see fishermen in their fishing sampans dotting the waters, as they cast their nets for the next day’s catch. The sight was simply beautiful – it felt like we were watching NatGeo live!

So that sums up how we spent an unforgettable 3 days here 🙂 We’ll end off with a couple more pictures!



*All our pictures are unedited, and were taken using an iPhone 6.

The lady boss informed us that the kelong is undergoing some upgrading works, and when we were there, there were concrete structures being built. Soon, the main dining area on stilts may cease to exist and we were so sad to know that! We also learnt that the entire island belongs to her!

Prices for the kelong vary with the type of package you opt for – you can choose just to book accommodation, or take the all-in package (inclusive of all meals and drinks) as we did 🙂

Labun Island Kelong, Batam
Address: Galang Baru Road, Bridge 6, Galang,
Batam, Riau Kepulauan 29432, Indonesia
+628 136 460 3666
[During office hours only: 10.00 AM – 05.00 PM]

Verdict: paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png
(children friendly!:))

*This is a non-sponsored post.

The Bears


2 thoughts on “Labun Island Resort, Batam

    • threewanderingbears says:

      Hello Jen, we paid about SGD300 per person, all inclusive except for drinks. That would be a rough gauge but prices might have changed since the resort underwent some renovation, so it’s best to contact the lady in charge and ask for her current charges. Hope that helps! 🙂


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