New Zealand 2015 – Part Nine (Wanaka)

Being on the road for almost three weeks, we arrived at our last (quick) stop – Wanaka – to visit Wanaka Lavender Farm. We had read many reviews of the place and decided that we would visit at least one lavender farm during our stay in New Zealand. Great choice that proved to be – it was a relaxing and lovely end to our holiday 🙂

We parked our car at a corner of the 10 acre farm, and walked towards the main building, which housed a cafe and a lavender shop. The place was well-renovated yet simple, and exuded an atmosphere of homely elegance.


We decided to save the cakes for later, and proceeded to the lavender garden. The lavender farm was bigger than we had expected, and we were all ready to explore it!


The air was filled with the sweet smell of lavender. In fact, it was so sweet that there were lots of bees buzzing around the flowers, showing how good and rich the lavender was!




Besides the wide expanse of lavender, there were also some very adorable animals we spotted in the distance. Say hi to the friendly and curious alpacas! 😀







They were some of the friendliest alpacas around. We had such fun interacting with them for a good one hour!

Soon enough, our tummies were growling so we headed to the lavender cafe to buy some lavender flavoured snacks. They have a range of home grown food and drink products for you to savour, including Lavender Tea, Herbal Tea, Lavender Ice Cream, Lavender Cookies and Lavender Chocolate. We tried the tea and ice cream, and they tasted good!

14287996_877900172354580_523997240_n1(Picture from Wanaka Lavender Farm

We then proceeded to do a little shopping for some natural lavender products. The shopkeeper was patient in explaining the various uses of lavender to us, and recommended us some of their best sellers to try. Photographs below are courtesy of Wanaka Lavender Farm.




They have a wide range of products made from the lavender grown right at the farm. We bought the essential oil, hand cream, lip balm, and some lavender seeds to grow back home. We particularly liked the essential oil as it was rich and calming. It also helped quite a bit whenever we had insomnia.

Our overall experience at the farm was extremely pleasant – it was relaxing, soothing and very peaceful! We strongly recommend you to pay them a visit if you get the chance!

Wanaka Lavender Farm
36 Morris Road, Wanaka, New Zealand 

Phone +64 (0) 3 443 6359

Verdictpaw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png paw.png 

With this, we ended our holiday on a lovely note. We were truly blessed to have so many wonderful memories of New Zealand! We’ll definitely back in a few years! 🙂

*This is a non-sponsored post.

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